New Book “Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari” Released

My new book, “Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari: A Story of One Little Penguin who Wanted to Meet the Wild Animals of Africa” was recently released and is available on Amazon.

This is a story of a small South African penguin called Jackie who had a dream of visiting wild animals of Africa and learning about their appearances, behaviors, and characters. However, being a bird who could not fly, Jackie was terrified to meet the big, scary, and possibly dangerous inhabitants of the African savannah. So, his wish remained just a dream. But one day, Jackie’s life changed when he met and instantly became friends with two world travelers, Irene and Alex, who were on their way to an African safari.

In this book, filled with bright color pictures and vivid descriptions of African wildlife, kids will learn how relying on true friends helped Jackie to overcome his fears and anxieties and realize the dream of his life.

Hope your child will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Alex Shaland

Published by Alex Shaland

I am a travel and wildlife writer, photographer and author of a safari adventure book "Suburbanites on Safari." A contributor for several Penton Publishing periodicals and other publications, I also collaborated as an editor and photographer with my wife, Irene Shaland, in producing several books and articles published in numerous magazines in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and East Africa.

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