What Readers Say about Alex Shaland’s Writing

Alex Shaland has written an excellent book.

Suburbanites on Safari” will be your companion on the next South African safari. There are beautiful descriptions of mammals, birds and reptiles based on real first hand experiences.” 

Bob Bartolotta, former educator and field guide, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Alex Shaland’s book appeals to a wide range of readers.

With a masterful mix of genres, “Suburbanites on Safari” offers a catchy narrative, a good amount of valuable travel information, humorous personal stories, and comprehensive description of the animal inhabitants of South Africa and Zimbabwe. The very first pages are bound to whet the readers’ appetite for the magic world of Africa. Beautifully illustrated with the author’s photos, the stories make the reader feel like truly meeting the animals of Africa face-to-face. Animal lovers and nature buffs, experienced global-trotters and arm-chair travelers, anyone who nourishes the idea of taking a journey to Africa, will inevitably fall under the spell of the book.” 

Sophie Muchnik, Skokie Public Library

Going on a Safari from your home.

I have always wanted to go to Africa to see all the wildlife. However, we are of an age that now prevents us from going on a Safari. But reading Alex’s book “Suburbanites on Safari” took me right there and I met lions, and elephants and big cats and more. I felt like I was right there riding in the jeep and seeing the animals up close. Each chapter was about a particular animal and Alex gave detailed and informative information about each one. He also writes in a very humorous way and had me chuckling all through the book. Anyone thinking about going on Safari should read this book, and even, like me, you cannot get there, this gives you a real feeling for being there.

Joseph Polevoi

Fun and Full of Facts.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Suburbanites on Safari.” It was both educational and entertaining. I learned numerous fun facts about the “Big five” animals (Lion, Leopard Elephant, Rhinoceros and the Cape Buffalo).”

Roy B.

I found this book both informative and entertaining. Irene sounds like a person who is unbelievably capable of planning every detail in spite of Alex’s best efforts., But she also knows things will go wrong. I really enjoyed the close up photography, especially of the lions. I had never really thought of a walking safari, but clearly it paid off with intimate contact with the animals. But if I ever got up the courage to do it, I’d have my running shoes ready! I was really impressed with the fact that Irene and Alex have visited more than 70 countries! What an experienced couple. Over so many travels, I bet they’ve had more than a few disagreements, but I’d put my money on Irene. This book is a very unusual and captivating read. I’d recommend it to anyone with even a slight quest for adventure!

John N.

An amazing real life perspective that has been delightfully shared.

Funny and witty. Footsteps well worth following.” “Suburbanites on Safari

Philip Coetzee, South Africa, Advanced Nature Guide, author of Birds for Beginners

A must-read for the first-time safari traveler.

Alex Shaland has written a delightful and exciting book “Suburbanites on Safari“, a must-read for the first-time safari traveler.  In a light and conversational style, the writer/photographer details his first safari, an adventure undertaken with his travel writer wife and a couple of long-time friends.  Sprinkled with humorous personal stories, the book encompasses the planning stages of the safari, including numerous worthwhile pointers on pitfalls to avoid when planning, booking, and organizing such a trip.  The actual account of the safari is combined with informative background on the animals encountered by the group.  Last but not least there are beautiful photographs that will make you feel you are there, enjoying a safari from your armchair!”

Sandra Kramer, Attorney and travel enthusiast

An engaging and humorous story of safari adventures.

Suburbanites on Safari” is an informative and humorous account of two couples vacation on safari in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Many photographs of native animals, an engaging and humorous narrative of the book make it a great read. Highly recommend this book.”

Marina N.

Highly recommend well-written, entertaining book.

Among adventure travel books “Suburbanites on Safari” is a real treasure for all audiences: voracious book readers, animal lovers, and wildlife photography buffs. No matter who you are, you will enjoy the breathtaking photos and the witty true stories of an eyewitness who is in love with the magnificent unknown: Africa, safari, and the animals you will see on safari. And those of you who are thinking about going on your own safari one day will obtain a priceless how-to safari animals book with the necessary information which will help you to plan your adventure.


Starting with the cover, I figured it would be funny.

It’s a humorous account of travelers eager to experience an African safari, which is one of my dreams. The reader follows the travelers as they search for the big 5 of ferocious animals in Africa. We find the five and a lot of fun and color along the way. The author also managed to sneak in some helpful information about the various species. A very fun and informative journey.”  

Chuck MacDonald

Alex’s book is a fascinating intro to Safari choice criteria.

Suburbanites on Safari” it is also easy light reading and simplistic in its aim to assist those that may travel often, but not au fait with Safari lingo. It adequately gives a heads up on what needs to be considered in an almost entertaining way.” 

Nic Griffin, Chief Executive, The Thornybush Luxury Game Lodge Collection

This book had me scouring for flights to South Africa!

A trip to Africa, more specifically South Africa and Kruger National Park, has always been on my bucket list. After breezing through Alex’s book “Suburbanites on Safari” on his travels, my hunger for this trip has grown insatiable. His details of the adventures and lifestyles of the fascinating animal life that he and his travel cohorts encountered were akin to watching a nature documentary – interesting, informative yet leaving me wanting to learn even more. The anecdotes and humorous asides make this read as genuinely enjoyable as it educational. I found myself alternately smiling at the personal notes and gasping at the tales of the wildlife that was encountered along the way. As a former suburbanite with an appetite for this type of trip, I am grateful to have gotten my hands on this book as I make plans for my own journey to South Africa.”


An interesting account of city-dwellers’ African safari.

This “Suburbanites on Safari” is an interesting, light-hearted account of a city-dwelling couple’s experiences on walking and driving safaris through South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is filled with facts and photos about the native animals, and the experiences of being up close and personal with them. The author’s humorous comments add a lightness, and share the feelings that most first-time adventurers might experience when confronting lions and rhinos face to face. This is a narrative truly worth exploring.

Richard H.

Must Read!

If you have always wondered what an animal safari felt like, follow Alex in his adventures. Well documented, authentic, personable with magnificent pictures, this book “Suburbanites on Safari” will take you on a trip of a lifetime and give you useful information to plan your own safari.”

Amazon Customer

A most fun literary safari adventure!

If you are like most of us and can’t actually go on a safari holiday to another continent, let author Alex Shaland take you on one in this great book! His endearing account of his trip throughout South Africa with wife Irene is both funny and educational. You are introduced to so many amazing creatures through his words and beautiful pictures. The information and stories he shares will leave you in awe while also making you laugh out loud-and most definitely leave you with the desire to know more about all of the other magnificent travels Alex and Irene have made around the world! Must read!”

Carla C.

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