My book “Suburbanites on Safari” is #1 on Amazon

Recently, Amazon ranked my upcoming book “Suburbanites on Safari” as #1 New Release. I am so excited! Here is the link to check out my book: Here is what the book is about: “An amazing real life perspective on African safari that has been delightfully shared. Funny and witty. Footsteps well worth following.” –Philip Coetzee,Continue reading “My book “Suburbanites on Safari” is #1 on Amazon”

African Safari Tips: The Importance of Good Company

Excerpt from Alex Shaland’s new book “Suburbanites on Safari” in print and available at Amazon: Going on an African safari by yourself or in a small group is not advisable. Suppose, you are standing in front of a lion or a rhinoceros and trying to calculate your chances of getting out of this situation inContinue reading “African Safari Tips: The Importance of Good Company”